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Webelos Activity Badge Resources

Here you can download all 20 Webelos Activity Pin sheets.

These sheets provide "complete" requirements with page number reference to the Webelos hand book. Monthly reference to show when each Activity Pin should be taught. Ever wondered what the Belt Loop requirements were? Well "complete" Belt Loop requirements are also included along with Academics and Sports Program Guide page reference.

Physical Skills Activity Group

1.  Aquanaut                                 
2.  Athlete                             
3.  Fitness                          
4.  Sportsman             


Mental Skills Activity Group

5.  Artist:                             
6.  Scholar                             
7.  Showman                            
8.  Traveler

Community Activity Badge Group

9.   Citizen                               
10. Communicator:                       
11.  Family Member                        
12.  Readyman
Readyman Webelos Activity Workbook        

Technology Activity Badge Group

13. Craftsman
Craftsman Webelos Activity Workbook                       
14. Engineer                                                           
15. Handyman                          
16. Scientist   

Outdoor Group

17. Forester                         
18. Geologist                          
19. Naturalist                            
20. Outdoorsman