Eagle Resources

Eagle Scout Workshops

An Eagle Scout Workshop is held each month at 7:00 P.M. at the same site and night of  the monthly Roundtable meeting.  Kent Johnson, our District Advancement Chairman leads these workshops.

The Scout needs to be in full Scout Uniform and accompanied by a parent.

Contact Kent Johnson at (818) 347-2497 to confirm attendance

Information for Eagle Scout Candidates (Life Scouts)
From Las Colinas District Advancement Chairman,
Kent Johnson (818)347-2497 BGScouters@aol.com

To accurately and most efficiently complete this workbook and forms, Life Scouts and their parents are encouraged to attend one of the monthly Eagle Scout Workshops.                                                                                                         

For information or questions regarding advancement, please contact Kent.

Interactive Eagle Scout Rank Application
Interactive Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook

Eagle Palm Application can be downloaded here