Support Scouting

Las Colinas District Friends of Scouting
At the unit level, the money we gather from families for dues goes to keep the unit functioning throughout the year.  In addition registration fees submitted throughout the year and during recharter time are sent to the Scout National Office to fund program development and provide general liability insurance.  In addition to these fees we also ask each family to consider making a donation to support Scouting in our District and Council!   

Monies gathered during the yearly Friends of Scouting campaign help us to maintain and operate our great camps, provide resources and training to support our parents and volunteer leaders, provide our district with a trained professional staff member, provide liability insurance and camp scholarships.  Each year we hold a Friends of Scouting Campaign at both the family and the community level. 

During the family campaign unit leaders, or a district representative, present the Friends of Scouting story.  Each unit should have a yearly presentation giving each scouting family the opportunity to support their local scout program.  The theme for this year’s campaign is “Prepared. For Life.”  Please respond to phone calls or emails from your district representative; we are trying to get 100% unit participation this year and do it early in the year vs. making this “yearly” campaign a” yearlong” campaign!