Patrol Challenge

What is???

More eagerly awaited than what the Kardashian’s will be wearing next?

More fun than feeding an ostrich?

More heartwarming than having Bert the Camel smile at you?

More memorable than climbing Mt. Whitney on a pogo stick?

More anticipated than a Summer Blockbuster Movie?


It IS the Patrol Challenge!


Jack and Paul have once again defied the odds and are tempting fate by announcing 



Last year was the Patrol Challenge’s biggest event ever!  We broke new ground in our clues and activities and even let you find clues all over the United States!  We almost doubled your participation from the previous event.  Standing room only at our amazing awards night with an awesome slide show, duct tape boat video montage and great stories from great Scouts.  WOW that’s a tough act to follow.  But fortunately Paul and Jack have plenty of aces, and ideas, up their sleeves.  We already have tons of brand new places to go and things to do that will make your hair stand on end with excitement.


That’s all the good news.  The bad news is that you will have to wait until next year to participateSmile  BUT – be prepared and put the date of October 2018 on your planning meeting calendar!


We look forward to Challenging You......Jack and Paul











OCTOBER 16 -18, 2015


The Patrol Challenge is open to:

Girl Scouts – Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors

Boy Scouts – Troops, Venture Crews and Varsity Teams

Cub Scouts – Wolves, Bears, Webelos 1 and Webelos 2


This event promotes team building, problem solving, decision making, patrol unity, camaraderie, teamwork and leadership.  Not to mention it’s a ton of fun for the Scouts – and Leaders!


The clues and rules are age appropriate for younger and older Scouts. 



·           Gigantic Photo Safari

·        FUN – FUN – FUN

·           Unique, weird, fun Patrol Activities

·           Scavenger Hunt

·       FUN – FUN - FUN

·           Overnight Opportunities

·           Team Building                                                           

·        FUN – FUN – FUN               

·           Adventures, Challenges, & Mysteries to Solve

·           Stories you will tell & re-tell about your wild and crazy adventures

·       Special Awards Ceremony with full statistics for each Patrol


                                   Looking for something

different for your program?

                                                                        THIS IS IT!!!



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