Patrol Challenge

What is???

More eagerly awaited than what the Kardashian’s will be wearing next?

More fun than feeding an ostrich?

More heartwarming than having Bert the Camel smile at you?

More memorable than climbing Mt. Whitney on a pogo stick?

More anticipated than a Summer Blockbuster Movie?


It IS the Patrol Challenge!


   Paul, Jeff and now Eliot & Gloria too, are risking their sanity (what’s left of it) by announcing...




Be prepared – Put October 4-6, 2019 on your calendar! 

We guarantee 2019 is going to be a great year!  How can we guarantee that?  Easy – the Patrol Challenge is this year!  The funnest and most educational Scouting event is waiting for you.  October 4-6, 2019 is the big weekend.  But you can get a head start on the fun.  Once you register you will get optional Early Bonus Clues starting in May and new ones every month afterwards.  These optional clues can be done anytime that is convenient for you.


The Patrol Challenge is the only event in Scouting with an amazing 



As Charles Darwin may say we’re evolving with the times. Our registration is now completely online at:

 Patrol Challenge Registration

If you’re new to the Patrol Challenge there’s plenty of info and Scout testimonials for you at Patrol Challenge Testimonials

You can get on the PC Info email list  at the website or send an email to 

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 We look forward to Challenging You......Paul, Jeff, Eliot and Gloria