Scouting for Food

Hello to all Las Colinas Scout Leaders !!

We are coming up on that great time of the year where we can all do our "Good Turn" by having your unit(s) join with other Las Colinas units to help the West Valley Food Bank re-stock their shelves for the upcoming Thanksgiving/Christmas Holidays (they'll be here before you know it !!).

Last year was a record-setter with the individual units bringing in over 11,000 pounds of food, then combined with the humongous efforts & results from Jeff Rudners' Pack 333 sponsored "Food Drive-Thru" that brought in over 23,000 pounds, the WV Food Pantry was in great shape for the holidays.

That 34,000+ pounds of food from last year set an incredibly high bar. But, BUT, BUT  - THAT WAS LAST YEAR. Jeff is, once again, spear-heading the "Food Drive-Thru" at the Calabassas Commons the weekend of November 16th & 17th and looking for even better results from last year.

Please join the Packs, Troops, & Crews from the Las Colinas Districts in an all-out effort to exceed last years' neighborhood food drive.

Saturday morning, November 9th will be door-hanger day followed by Collection Day on Saturday morning, November 16th. Once again, the West Valley Food Pantry will benefit from both Food Drives. We will have flyers available to attach to the collection bags (you'll be advised as soon as possible regarding the availability of bags).

Please acknowledge your participation in the Neighborhood Food drive by responding to  For those who have participated in the past, your neighborhoods will be the same as last year. Those units new to this event will have the neighborhoods surrounding your meeting location(s). There's plenty of areas to cover.

On behalf of the West Valley Food Pantry, our deepest thanks for your participation and for the wonderful efforts we know you'll make.


Yours in Scouting !

Eliot Brown

Las Colinas  - Scouting for Food Chair